Strengthening the Tunisian-American Relations

Mission A secular and politically neutral, private, volunteer organization, the  Tunisian American Center‘s broad mission is the strengthening of Tunisian-American Relations as manifested by the organization’s engagement in community building, and cultural & educational exchanges.

In virtue of its presence in the major US metropolitan cities, its high online visibility and extensive outreach capabilities, in addition to its tax-exempt status, the Tunisian American Center is well positioned to be a platform for members of the community and their friends to be engaged in a variety of programs. The organization’s programs are designed to maintain and expand a constituency, in the United States, for the Tunisian-American relations.

-It is governed by a Board comprised of the Founding Directors and the Regional Coordinators. (Based on the needs of the organization, additional members may be nominated to the Board of Directors by other Board members).

-The Board is supported by:  a  Council comprised of the Coordinators of Local Chapters (present in the major metropolitan US cities), and an Advisory Committee made up of prominent individuals from Academia, Business, Politics and the Arts.

-The Directors meet regularly in person, via teleconferencing and all forms of computer mediated communications.