Strengthening the Tunisian-American Relations



The idea of building a Tunisian-American community was born in the late 90’s, coinciding with fast growth and evolution of the Internet and high-tech telecommunications. The strategy was to build a virtual community that would, in time, be merged with the offline community.

In August 1999, a virtual “Cultural Home” was crealed. The modest website, after a few the years, became what is now a powerful, interactive Web presence representing a gateway to the Tunisian community and its culture.

In November 1999, The Tunisian Community Center was incorporated as private, volunteer NGO that eventually obtained 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt status. Its Mission was community building, cultural outreach and the promotion of the Tunisian-American friendship.


The organization was able to inspire the formation of local chapters in most metropolitan US cities,  which operate autonomously, but carry out the mission of the organization by conducting community-based activities.


To manifest its Mission, the Tunisian Community Center  had developed several Programs, such as The Tunisian American Day/The Ibn khaldun Award, The Ibn Khaldun Institute, The Club Hannibal-USA and The Student Federation.

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