Strengthening the Tunisian-American Relations

Club Hannibal-USA

Club Hannibal-USA

“We will either find a way, or make one” (Hannibal Barca)

Hannibal (247-182 BC)


Club Hannibal-USA, an entity within the Tunisian American Center, is a non-partisan,non-profit and secular Advocacy type project. It aims to be a forum for American friends of Tunisia who share their commitment to making Tunisia better known on the American political scene.

The Club was named after the legendary Carthaginian General and Lawmaker, Hannibal Barca, whose genius earned him the title of “Father of Strategy” and whose vision of World trade inspired generations throughout History. By dispatching its members throughout the United States, the Club aims to expand on Hannibal’s vision of world trade and promote the Tunisian-American friendship.


1. Helping in building a constituency in United States for Tunisian-American relations by raising Tunisia’s profile among decision makers and opinion shapers.

2. Honoring the military and legislative legacy of the Carthaginian General  Hannibal Barca.


1. Advocacy Network

Club Hannibal-USA members constitute a network of Advocates who, using tools provided by the Club to advocate year-around from wherever they are, strive to engage elected officials and media outlets to advance issues unique to Tunisia.

2. Tunisia Advocacy Day

At the annual Tunisia Advocacy Day, Club members take part in a day of issue briefings then prepare for the evening’s meeting with members of Congress’ Tunisia Caucus or their staffs and with media representatives.

The meeting, therefore, provides an opportunity to tell deciders and influencers about the cause of Tunisia.

3. The Hannibal-USA Award

-The annual Hannibal-USA Award was established to reflect the Club’s mission and to honor Hannibal’s strategic thinking and his vision of world trade. The recognition is to be given to individuals who champion the cause of Tunisia (modern-day Carthage), and who support the Tunisian-American partnership.  The Award presentation ceremony takes place on Tunisia Advocacy Day.  [Nominate a Candidate]

4. Education 

-Political Roundtable discussions,

-Lecture Series,

-Film showing

Congressional information 

Scholarly Publications