Strengthening the Tunisian-American Relations

Ibn Khaldun Institute

Life-size bronze bust sculpture of Ibn Khaldun that is part of the collection at the Arab American National Museum. (Catalog Number 2010.02). Commissioned by The Tunisian Community Center and Created by Patrick Morelli of Albany, NY in 2009, it was inspired by the statue of Ibn Khaldun erected at the Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis.

“What is obtained through the cooperation of a group of human beings satisfies the need of a number many times greater than themselves”. (Ibn Khaldun, 1377)


The Ibn Khaldun Institute, an affiliate of the Tunisian American Center, is a non-partisan, non-profit and secular Advocacy type Think Tank. Its focus is on the socio-economic development of Tunisia. The Ibn Khaldun Institute aims to be a Talent Bank as well as an online clearinghouse for information on activities taking place in the United States, that aim to strengthen the Tunisian-American relations and promote the development of Tunisia.

General Information

Created by the Tunisian American Center in 2005, the think tank was named after Ibn Khaldun, the renowned 14th Century Tunisian polymath and statesman, whose name came to symbolize kinship and solidarity. It is comprised of Tunisian and Tunisian-American professionals in all disciplines, dedicated to promoting business, as well as, cultural and professional exchanges between the United States and Tunisia.


Promoting the development of Tunisia and Connecting Tunisian-American Professionals with the decision-makers in the United States and Tunisia.

Institute Divisions: 


-Education & Culture

-Voter Education


1. Launched in 2004, the annual Ibn Khaldun Award©  recognizes high achievers who rendered a service to the Tunisian-American community. The Award is presented during “The Tunisian American Day©” formal Hafla (or gala) held at a different U.S. city every year around Ibn Khaldun’s birthday anniversary (May 27).

2. The Aboulkacem Chebbi Student of the Year recognizes tomorrow’s leaders who made their mark thru academic achievement and a commitment to excellence, and who demonstrated a high level of effort to promote the Tunisian culture at campuses across America.