Strengthening the Tunisian-American Relations

Tunisian American Day©

Our website and our Electronic Newsletter, The Community Gazette, along with a multitude of digital tools, establish our cyber connectivity and function as a virtual community center.

We supplement our use of the “Hi-Tech” by the “Hi-Touch”: our community-based, local and regional meet-ups during the major cultural festivals and during the National and Religious holiday celebrations.

In 2005, the organization established the May 27th “Tunisian American Day© ” tradition. It reflects the organization’s mission and represents a recurring opportunity to celebrate our community and its Heritage as well as the enduring Tunisian-American friendship.

Organized in a different North American city every year, it is celebrated during a Hafla (or gala) that coincides with the birthday anniversary of our organization’s cultural symbol, Ibn Khaldun. The event includes the Ibn Khaldun Award© presentation ceremony as well as live Tunisian music entertainment and catered Tunisian dinner.

As part of the Event, on the following day, Our organization’s annual meeting takes place. In addition, The Ibn Khaldun Institute and The Student Federation hold their yearly leadership conferences.

In 2008, the Tunisian Community Center launched a petition drive that resulted, a year later, in securing Congressional endorsement for the May 27th Tunisian American Day.