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*On October 23rd, judges, attorneys, CPAs and notaries public elected the members of the Superior Council of the Magistracy (SCM) as mandated by the Constitution. The Council has the following structure [Fr] and its members are elected every 6 years.

Delayed for over a year, the SCM’s election has seen a very low participation [Fr] even though the council represents a big step to achieving the independence of the third pillar of the democratic system. According to the ISIE (The Independent Electoral High Commission) which organized the election, only 46.9% of registered voters participated in the election although women had significantly participated.

The Constitution stated that the SCM’s mission was to guarantee the good functioning of the justice system as well as its independence. For instance, the Council has the responsibility to -independently of the Ministry of Justice- appoint judges (to all  of the nation’s courts) as well as impose disciplinary actions, including dismissal.


*Local Municipal Election (March 26, 2017)

Independent Electoral High Commission 


Tunisians living in the United States will be represented by two deputies

(out of a total of 217) in the Assembly of the People’s Representatives:

Lamia Mlayeh

Ramzi Ben Fraj