Strengthening the Tunisian-American Relations

Student Federation

     Program Director:      Anouar Ben Hassen


General Information: The Tunisian Student Federation (TSF) is a Tunisian American Center entity that federates Tunisian Student Clubs (TSC) at American university campuses.

About: The Federation highlights our commitment to youth leadership and represents a mechanism of inter-generational continuity for the organization.

Mission: To represent the interests of Tunisian students in the United States, while contributing to the overall mission of the Tunisian American Center.

Description: The Federation functions as an umbrella framework that:

  • Serves as a national Student resource center.
  • Inspires the formation of local Tunisian Student Clubs at US campuses, and consolidates contacts between them.
  • Contributes to the organization’s overall mission of community building and cultural outreach.
  • Serves as a leadership incubator for Tunisian student leaders attending U.S. universities who will be the future stewards of the Tunisian American Center.
  • Activities:                                                                                                                               
  • The Student Internship
  •  –The A. K.  Chebbi Student of the Year
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