Strengthening the Tunisian-American Relations

TN-US Friendship

The Tunisian-American Friendship

Photo Credit | Webdo – Hatem Bourial

First treaty of peace and friendship between Tunisia and the United States, ratified on 26 March 1799 –            Photo Credit: Webdo ( – Hatem Bourial

The two countries were the first to give each other formal recognition after their independence – This began a 200 year uninterrupted friendship.

1799: Tunisian-American Friendship Treaty

Mid-1800s: Tunisian marble donated for building the Washington Monument

1959: K-12 American School opens in Tunisia

1962-1996: Peace Corps volunteers served in Tunisia (Back in Spring 2012)

1969-1994: USAID funded major projects in Tunisia

1973: Amideast office opens (Student exchange, Fulbright scholarships)

1990: Reciprocal Encouragement and Protection of Investment US-Tunisian Military Joint Commission

2001: U.S.-North African Economic Partnership

2002: Trade and Investment Framework Agreement

2004: Scientific and Technological Agreement

1999: The Tunisian Community Center (TCC) Founded

2004: TCC established the annual Tunisian American Day tradition (May 27th)

2009: Official endorsement by the US Congress of the Tunisian American Day

2011:  Signed the U.S.-Tunisia joint Political and Economic Partnership

2014: Strategic Partnership Agreement expanded