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“Keep Them Honest”

Why: Registration for Tunisians living abroad has been very difficult and sometimes impossible because ISIE’s database is not updated and ignores citizens who have renewed their passports in the recent years. The ISIE is NOT advertising enough for the necessity to register in order to be able to vote. Many irregularities have been pointed out inTunisia, France and Germany. InGermany, someone from the TROIKA is working at ISIE’s regional office and taking care of the voter registration!  (See supporting articles below)

What: Help the NGO ATIDE and Civil Society by observing the egistrvoter ration process in the Tunisian Embassy in DC.

How: Send an email expressing your willingness to observe the voter registration to Sélima Dellagi Chaibi (selimadellagi@gmail.com) or to Zied Jamoussi (atide.france@gmail.com). ATIDE will take it from there and obtain you the authorization to observe voter registration from the ISIE.

When: Starting now till July 22nd, expiration date of the voter registration process

Frequency: Any effort is appreciated. Every day the whole period, one or 2 days per week or even a few hours per day

Background on ATIDE (Association tunisienne pour l’intégrité et la démocratie des élections): a very active Tunisian NGO. Its mission is to promote and enforce the transparency of the whole electoral process including the voter registration http://www.atide.org/

Supporting Articles:




The Voter Education Committee

Mouna Ben Garga, TCC-ISIE Liaison

Amine Kallala, TCC, Program Director

Ta7ya Tounes!


***Let’s Exercise Our Constitutional Right***

Dear Friends

The Electoral High Commission , ISIE, had opened a very short period for voters’ registration.

(Deadline: July 22, 2014).

Registration is VERY EASY! It takes less than 1/10th the length of a soccer match!Please follow this link to register ONLINE: https://touenssa.isie.tn/IsieInscriptionEtrg/login.xhtml

Only officially registered citizens will be able to VOTE and exercise their constitutional right.

If you encounter any problem with registration, please send your name and your passport number to our TCC-ISIE Liaison,

Mouna Ben Garga.

Time has come to show again how AWESOME of a nation we are!

Ta7ya Tounes!

The Voter Education Committee,

Mouna Ben Garga, TCC-ISIE Liaison ben_garga_mouna@yahoo.fr

Amine Kallala, TCC, Program Director a_kallala@yahoo.fr

Useful links:

-Elections Timetable

-ISIE Website 


Consistent with its mission of promoting the Tunsian-American friendship, our organization is proud to team up with PAX Program of Academic Exchange, an international high school exchange organization, to find an American family to host a student from Tunisia for a full academic year/semester (or shorter options for 6-8 weeks) while the student attends a local high school.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Maloney, at PAX.